Amy White   ¡Bienvenidos a Kindergarten!   (ISBN 9781603964012)   What can you see in a school? Who goes to school? What do children do in the classroom? This book explains it all.

Amy White   ¿Qué clase te gusta más?   (ISBN 9781603964142)   If you like to read, reading time is your favorite class time. If you like to count and add, math time is your favorite class time. But you might like to sing, or you might like to paint. Which one would be your favorite class time then?

Amy White   Chistes de animales   (ISBN 9781603964050)   Are you as big as an elephant? No, but I am bigger than a mouse. Look at different animals and compare them. How would you compare a kangaroo with a pig?

Amy White   El campo y la ciudad   (ISBN 9781603964166)   In this book we get to know two children. One lives in the country and the other in the city. You will find that their lives are very different, but they are similar as well.

Amy White   Hogares   (ISBN 9781603964081)   This book shows us different types of homes, like single-family homes, apartment buildings, and even houses that float!

Lauren Robins   Quiero viajar   (ISBN 9781603964036)   We can travel by train or by airplane. We can travel by bus or by boat. This book shows us these and other means of transportation, which can help us explore our world and even beyond. . .

Alma Flor Ada   El papalote   (ISBN 9781581051681)   Making and flying a kite seems to be more than a mother and her children can handle. But looking for alternatives is always a good idea.

Alma Flor Ada   Me gustaría tener…   (ISBN 9781581051940)   Animals do silly things in this charming book. Rhyming words, repeated text, and beautiful illustrations.

Margarita Robleda   Sueños   (ISBN 9781603963190)   A little boy takes young readers on an adventure through the sky, land, and sea but ultimately leads them to the best place on Earth: the arms of Mommy.

Jez Alborough   ¿Dónde está mi osito?   (ISBN 9781560145820)   Eduardo loses his favorite teddy bear and when he starts to search for it, he is faced with a gigantic teddy and a real bear in the woods! The rhyming text has been re-created in Spanish with all the fun and charm intact.

María Fernanda Heredia   Por si no te lo he dicho   (ISBN 9789(ISBN 978075302)   This story is about you and a person whom you know very well: somebody who always laughs at your ears and fears and borrows your clothes without asking…your sister. As you turn the pages, you will remember her and will feel a tingle in your heart. Because although it may not look like it, this is a love story.

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